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Elemental “February 2012”

A moody blend of music done in computer software, with a mix of old faves and freed MP3s. Mixcloud player, MP3 download links, and tracklist included.

Old faves, unreleased tracks that were given away by the original producers because a full release was not going to happen, and some dubbed out 4/4 beats.

Regarding unreleased tracks that were given away: the ASC remix was one of those buried in a non-release schedule, the BMT bootleg was given away on their blog in the aid of a charity, the System track had samples that couldn’t be cleared, and the dBridge track was given away because dBridge is awesome?

How is the mixing so tight? First time on a computer mix my mates. (Mixxx / www.mixxx.org)

Listen on Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/opieetc/elemental-february-2012/

MP3 download from mixes.jing-dnb.com: http://mixes.jing-dnb.com/Elemental_Feb-2012_320.mp3


1. Aquarius and Tayla – Bringing Me Down
From CD1 of Logical Progression.

2. Erykah Badu – You Got Me (Blumarten bootleg)
Free MP3 of a classic bootleg, given away on http://www.blumarten.com/

3. Mark System – El Sunrise
Free MP3 of a tune that couldn’t be released because of unclearable Sade samples.
Ref.: http://www.marksystem.co.uk/news/freemusicforyouno01-elsunrise

4. dBridge – Lost Shadow
A free MP3 from the peak of the Autonomic podcast era, originally planned for a Shogun Audio b-side.
Ref.: http://soundcloud.com/dbridge/lost-shadow

5. DJG – Hydrate (Consequence remix)
Four-beat more-dub-than-step styles.

6. Scuba – Symbiosis
Scuba at 170bpm, with more of the four-beat styles.

7. LTJ Bukem – Music
From CD1 of Logical Progression.

8. Intense – First Contact (ASC remix)
Unreleased remix done for Vibez Recordings, given away by ASC because of not-coming-out-ness.

9. June Miller – Poison the Well
Two Dutch gentlemen whose name is either that of a girl or a seasonal artisanal cider.

10. DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Like
From the Endtroducing CD.

Bonus tracks

1. Consequence – Lost Attack
Another Autonomic-era give-away.
Ref.: http://soundcloud.com/consequence/consequence-lost-attack

2. Silent Dust – Winter Song
Maybe could have been on Soul:r, now free.
Ref.: http://www.factmag.com/2011/10/17/silent-dust-winter-song/

Some of the download links might not work anymore. You could try throwing them in Wayback Machine to see what comes up.