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In this site: How To, a collection of notes about how to get computers to do various things; Etc., which is mostly about non-computer-related things and maybe not updated very often; and the Now page, which is a brief description of what I am doing now.

Newest in How To

  1. Use the :target CSS pseudo-class to make a basic choose-your-own-adventure story

  2. Use CSS Grid layout to transform a Stack to a Flag object

  3. FFmpeg incantations

  4. Git Cheatsheet

  5. 100% headless setup for a Raspberry Pi

  6. Use AutoHotkey to speed up your work

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Newest in Etc.

  1. Elemental “That Part” (2020)

  2. Imaginary Conversations #001

  3. Simatai Great Wall

  4. Shuiguan Great Wall and Qinglongqiao

  5. Jing DNB website

  6. Juyongguan Great Wall

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