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Posts that are mostly about non-computer-related things, with updates expected infrequently. I’m trying to add in some back-dated posts from various trips et cetera.

Elemental “That Part” (2020)

A 20-minute mini-mega-mix of 174bpm nasties.

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Imaginary Conversations #001

The one about Meat Loaf (not meatloaf).

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Simatai Great Wall

A collection of photos from various visits to the Simatai Great Wall, plus maps and general Simatai Great Wall info.

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Shuiguan Great Wall and Qinglongqiao

Photos from the Great Wall between Shuiguan and Qinglongqiao, with maps and some historical information.

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Jing DNB website

The Jing DNB blog, once upon a time the main source for news about drum and bass music in Beijing.

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Juyongguan Great Wall

Photos from hikes around the loop of Great Wall at Juyongguan.

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Huangyaguan Great Wall, Jiangjunguan “General’s Pass”, and in between

Photos from hikes along the line of Great Wall that runs from Huangyaguan in Tianjin through to Jiangjunguan in Beijing’s Pinggu District.

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Dunhuang and thereabouts

Photos from a trip to Dunhuang in May 2021.

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Great Wall Hero award

In which I receive an award (!) and am described as a “long-term Beijing expat influencer” (!!)

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Elemental “MUSIC 2”

For your listening pleasure, a mix that features sweet, sweet music from Outkast/The Abyssinians/Fat Freddy’s Drop/King Midas Sound/Run The Jewels/Fracture and Chimpo/Prefuse 73/​more/​more/​more. Mixcloud player, MP3 download links, and tracklist included.

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