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Elemental “That Part” (2020)

A 20-minute mini-mega-mix of 174bpm nasties.

This mix was supposed to be a mid-pandemic collaboration with the 44 Massive* and a World First mix made on all major continents** while under lockdown.

I did my part of the mix first and unfortunately it was so 🔥 the crew dared not step to it, which means the collab was left incomplete.

But nearly 4 years later (!) I had a re-listen and it is still extremely 🔥, so much 🔥 that even though it’s only 20 minutes long I’m giving it one of my 10 free Mixcloud spots. (Also nearly 4 years later: April 2020 was supposed to be “mid-pandemic”? Ha! Ha!)

Listen for broken beats, drop subs, bass snarls, quick switches, extremely dirty double-drops, and extra-extended blends.

* Yes, the 44 Massive, the same crew responsible for multiple out-of-control 90s/00s-era house parties in Beach Haven, Herne Bay, and Ponsonby. (iykyk)
** I decide which continents are major and you can’t stop me. (Those continents btw: Australia, Singapore, Beijing, and mfkn Henderson)

Listen on Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/opieetc/elemental-that-part-2020/

MP3 download from mixes.jing-dnb.com: http://mixes.jing-dnb.com/6/


Spy – System Crash
Dillinja – Threshold
Roni Size – Step Up
Moresounds (feat. Fracture) – Dead and Bury
Ulterior Motive – Featherweight
Sub – So Finster Die Nacht (Fracture’s Astrophonica remix)
Ulterior Motive – 2098
Bulletproof, Teknik, and Nymfo – 3 of a Kind

Mix notes

To achieve maximum 🔥 I’d made notes for each individual mix, included here for your perusal.

System Crash Start it on 174bpm
Threshold Start it on the first drop of System Crash but don’t bring it in for 32/64

Fade it in on the measure, bring it right up when the synths cut out

Fade out System Crash a bit before Threshold drops

Best way to fade out? Cut the mids? YES Or the little dododododododo piano bit in System Crash is distracting
Step Up Drop at 1:50 and cut in at 2:10-ish

Switch basslines to avoid clashes/redlines

Switch out of Threshold at 1:07 of Step Up

***This is perfect***
Dead and Bury Use the cue point to start it from 1:23 of Step Up

Fade it in after 32 or so

Straight switch at the drop
Featherweight Start it at 2:02 of Dead and Bury

Fade it in with the mids cut to about 9pm, fader at 25%, then bring it up on the measure

Cut the bass of Dead and Bury as Featherweight drops but keep the vocals in

***this is awesome***

Keep Dead and Bury in the mix right til the end of the track

Get the next tune in immediately
So Finster Die Nacht Drop it at 2:19 of Featherweight

Cut out part of the Featherweight bass (10-11pm) when the first bass in So Finster hits, then switch tracks fully when the second snarly bass comes in

Cue up 2098 to start from the top at 64 after the second drop of So Finster
2098 Drop in at 3:19 and bring it in slowly

Cut the Finster bass fully at the breakdown before the 2098 drop

Switch out at the drop

Get 3 of a Kind ready to drop at the start of the breakdown
3 of a Kind Drop in at the start of the 2098 breakdown (2:59) and fade it in slowly after 16 (this sets up a double drop)

Need to cut the mids in 2098 for the last bit as it clashes (Mids to 8pm at 5:13)

Cut over when 3 of a Kind drops again

Goes into a breakdown at about 18min, mix goes to nearly 20min exactly if it runs out to the end of the track